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Pre-Employment Screening
Selecting the right background screening company can be as complex as selecting the right candidate. Out-Sourcing this task to Security Information Legal Systems (SILS) can add dollars to your bottom line by helping you select the right candidate and our prices are reasonable. See the advantages SILS has over it's competitors.
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Seminars & Training Offered
We can offer many seminars training your management staff regarding how to handle themselves in any one of these potential situations. They will learn what documentation is needed to protect and minimize the company’s liability and also themselves.
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HR Consulting Services
Out-sourcing your more routine matters allows you to get more from your current HR department without incurring the expense of additional HR staff.
Here's an HR Consulting Services list provided by Security Information Legal Systems (SILS):
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IMPORTANT: The process is conducted with your potential applicant’s consent. A waiver form provided by SILS is signed by your potential applicant.
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Ohio/Out of State

Product Line


Employment Verif (3)
Personal References (3)
Bureau of  Motor Vehicles

$38.00-- $38.00

Criminal Search


US Criminal Super Search


Maiden Name


Court Records

$19.00 per hour

Education Verification


SSN Verification


Consumer Credit Report


Civil Record Search

$26.50/per county by state

Terrorist Search


Professional license verification

$22.00 each

Long distance charges


Long Distance fax charges




U. S. Mail

No Charge



myth vs. fact

MYTH: The only cost to hiring a new employee is the newspaper ad.

FACT: "From coast to coast, in large businesses and small, the math of hiring in the 1990's is pretty scary." Business Week. February 22, 1993

Running a newspaper ad is the smallest cost of the entire hiring process. Design of effective screening techniques, employment applications and management interviewing programs are part of the many human resources services we offer.

MYTH: If the new employee does not work out, I will hire another.

FACT: "According to a survey conducted by the Employment Management Assn., it costs companies an average of $672 to hire a new hourly worker, and $7,488 for a professional or managerial employee.

Yet, 28% of all workers stay less than a year: almost half of those terminated because of 'unacceptable performance'."
Automotive Marketing. April, 1992

Avoid those often hidden turnover costs by letting SILS professionals help you develop programs that not only help you acquire better talent but retain and motivate valuable employees.

MYTH: I can hire or fire an employee at will.

FACT: "The Americans With Disabilities Act and other recent legislation has made hiring anyone (or discharging anyone) an invitation to a lawsuit." Chicago Tribune. May 7, 1993

Your employees know their legal rights. An incorrect termination decision is one of the most costly you can make. Let SILS professionals steer you through the maze of hiring and discharging employees.

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